Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The final countdown and then some… Pregnancy - 41 weeks

My induction is scheduled for this Thursday – 41 weeks and a day. I wasn’t supposed to go back to the doctor again this week but they didn’t want me to go a full week without checking in at this point, so another non-stress test. For those of you unaware, a non-stress test basically just puts a monitor on the your belly to check the fetal heart rate while you are handed a little buzzer thing to click every time you feel the baby move. I hate these tests that involve my input! I know, I know! But I hate the peripheral vision eye tests and the hearing tests (which my husband recently told me he just cheats at and just keeps pressing the button regardless! He comes out showing BIONIC hearing! Seriously – no normal 30+ year old tinnitus at all. It’s amazing. Because he TOTALLY CHEATS!).

So I’m laying there going – is that a movement? Hmm… maybe not. OK, is that still the SAME movement as the last one or should I count that one again because I still feel it? This second time we ran out of the house in a frenzy and I didn’t eat, so the baby decided to sleep in. She didn’t move at all. The nurse had to go get me a juice box (some nasty flavor that is NOT found anywhere in nature – and shouldn’t be!) that did wonders on an empty stomach. But it definitely woke the munchkin up! She didn’t like that flavor either and totally gave me what for. She may not be showing any sides of a vaginal exit, but some days I swear she’s trying to just bust through my belly button. One of my friends who had all 3 of her kids via c-section put it as – my kids can’t use a door. All of them felt the need to bust through a wall like the KOOL-AID man. I see what she means (and there’s no surgery here – at least not yet. We’ll hit that fear later. Or I hope not… actually).

Anyway, looks like we will be using that induction appointment we made 3 weeks ago (that they were sure we wouldn’t get to). We go to the hospital on Wednesday night – they’ll check my progress and give me some cervidill to try to get things going. Then they’ll give me a light sleeping pill and we’ll get going around 7 or 7:30 the next morning with pitocin and all that. It’s so strange and surreal.

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