Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Take me out to the ball game!

Sunday was my sister in law’s birthday. She decided to celebrate with a party at the Orioles – she got a suite and had a bunch of friends and family there with food, drinks, cake, etc. Because she had the suite, she got some parking passes, so we were able to park very close to the stadium, head up to the air conditioned suite, eat some food, sit on the couches or comfy chairs to nurse her, etc. Besides that she had a couple of grandparents there to see to her every whim and her aunt to buy her a present (an O’s hat).

Now I know that quite clearly there was some mistake in the life planning department and we were meant to be rich. It goes without saying that one day heads will roll over the clerical error that has us middle class – struggling to buy a decent house in a nice neighborhood, unsure how to fund the 529 and planning not to take a vacation this decade. This one is a mistake of the highest order and someone will surely lose their job – just as soon as I can find the suggestion box / get off hold with the complaints department. Do I sound too bitter here? It’s just that I’ve been listening to that complaints department hold musak for quite awhile…

As it stands, however, we are not rich. So I really hope that the munchkin doesn’t think that this is how all baseball games go… We can’t have her getting used to this. I mean, among other things – she might turn out a sports fan!

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