Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The real crime was – they woke up the baby

So Saturday night was our complex’s annual pool party. We headed down for a bit and wound up sitting near a couple that has twins just a couple weeks older than our baby (but so much smaller! She looks like monster baby near them!). The husband told us that had he known there would be so many babies there he would have pushed his wife to wear her twins shirt that says – one baby? I laugh at your one baby. That is awesome! It would almost be worth having twins for that! OK, not really. But certainly any of my friends with twins will receive that as a gift!

Anyway, the party was pretty low key. It just added to my weekend of terrible eating (which culminated in the baseball game on Sunday) – both from a calories perspective and a things a nursing mom shouldn’t eat perspective. Today’s slip from perfection – a cold deli sandwich. (I didn’t have the beer till after the baby went to sleep – does it still count…?) We had a friend join us – a single guy that I used to work with. The munchkin did prove a total chick magnet – unfortunately not so much a BABE magnet… She was drawing a lot more grandmas than young ones (did we pick a bad seat?). Ah well. We’ll have to let him try again in better fishing grounds.

Our munchkin got fussy fairly early, so we headed up. I’m not sure if she was just tired or was upset when her dad (jokingly!) had her “talking smack” and threatening to fight one of the twins. Clearly – she is a lover, not a fighter. That or she realized that while she’s a lot bigger, there are two of them! Either way, it was not a late night for us and we got to bed by about 10 (sadly this is a Saturday night bliss for us now!). This was all good till we were woken from a deep sleep by someone screaming outside at a little after 2. We went to the window and couldn’t see anything, so my husband decided to go downstairs and see what’s going on while I called 911. On the one hand, I’m glad I’m married to a man who “can’t just listen to a woman screaming outside and not check it out.” On the other, the big wimp in me says – can’t we let someone else check it out…? I know, I know… Anyway, as he headed down I explained to the 911 operator that I heard a woman screaming and a man yelling at her, but I couldn’t make it out what she was saying and gave him our address. My husband came back upstairs, as they went into their car (to continue to yell) as they saw him. So we waited. After about 20 minutes, we got agitated – where are the police? My husband called the non-emergency number and found out that our call had been queued as a “disorderly” rather than a potential domestic violence, so it had very low priority as a response. As it NOW seemed that disorderly was probably the right call and the disturbance had ended, he cancelled the call (not to sound paranoid – but why is anyone allowed to cancel a call? Couldn’t it be the perpetrator canceling the call?), but this had us a bit worried… Shouldn’t a response time be under 25 minutes?

During this time, I’d checked in on the baby – she was, of course, awake from all this, but not making much noise. Just kicking her feet and playing. By the time we were ready to go back to sleep – she was ready to eat. And worse, had been up long enough that she was really awake / ready to play! Ugh. Can I press charges for that?

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