Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My doctor and all systems go

As I’d managed that the munchkin’s baptism was at 5 and a half weeks, some of you might be doing the math to realize what this week is. Six weeks and my six week appointment with my doctor. Oh joy.

I’d made my appointment for 9:30 back in the days when I was regularly doing pre-natal appointments. Back in the days where I was working from home on my appointment days and was up by 7 working anyway. Back in the days where I could go to bed at a reasonable time, get a good night’s sleep and only have to worry about getting myself ready. Back in the days where I didn’t need to be up at 7 to be ready by 9:30. What was I thinking?

I got up about 8 and started working on getting ready. The dog had to go out. The baby had to be changed and fed. And sadly they’d both decided that they needed this at EXACTLY the same time. My Mom was still there with me, but she is not a dog person. She’s OK with Shiloh overall, but still doesn’t feel confident to walk him on her own (and we generally don’t feel confident with anyone who doesn’t feel confident!). Also, she is completely grossed out by the concept of picking up poop. And, as I’m breast feeding, she also can’t feed the baby. So there I was watching the minutes tick by as I fed the baby thinking I still need to walk the dog and shower and I HAVE to get out of here soon. She was finally done and I handed her off to my Mom to change while I ran out with the dog (whose need was certainly as urgent as hers to eat!). By the time I got back in all thoughts of a shower had to be abandoned as I rushed to get dressed. When I mentioned that to my Mom, she looked at me askance and said – but this is a pretty intimate exam, don’t you want to be showered? Funny – I was thinking that’s why I’d really want to shower AFTER it!

I ran out the door and just barely made the appointment. The doctor checked me out and said all was good to go. She was about ready to be done when I said – actually I have a few questions. Now I’m not sure if I’ve just gotten into this question mode my daughter’s doctors (15 questions later) or what, but I really had more than a few. We started with the easy ones like birth control – how does the mini-pill work? Should I consider that one for now? But I worked my way up – so, I’m good to go on restarting “relations” – how bad is that going to hurt? One of my best friend’s actually got a numbing lubricant which she used for MONTHS after her son was born to ease the pain and discomfort of sex, so I was thinking pretty extreme from the beginning in my discussion with the doctor. She told me that if needed we could go that far, but we’d have to see as that sort of “defeated the purpose” didn’t it? Having just had an 8lb 6oz baby, I’m going to be honest with you, it did NOT seem to defeat the purpose to me. It seemed like a just fine idea in my book! But I kept that one to myself – the doctor was clearly thinking I was odd enough at this point as it was.

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