Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Forgetting the breast pump

So this weekend, we decided to meet a friend downtown for a late lunch and go to a lecture. I’d made the plans thinking that the hubby had to work, but realized I’d made a mistake on his schedule and he was actually off. But he decided to come along (and told me not to be THAT friend who cancels plans because I got a “better offer” - or was working around a guy’s schedule!) and we decided to get a sitter for the baby (turned out that was a good thing as it was a VERY small lecture). Anyway, we were running late as always and ran out the door – only realizing I’d forgotten the breast pump half way there (with no time to go back). UGH! Worse yet, we were meeting the realtor after the lecture and probably wouldn’t be home till 8:30 or so (it was now 1:30). The hubby asked if I wanted to go back, but I knew there wasn’t really time, so he asked the next question – well, what will you do? I said – I’ll survive. It’s about as long as overnight, so it’s doable. It’ll just hurt. The real problem is that we won’t have that milk (not pumped) for tomorrow when I’m at work. I think that almost had him turning around as the - oh crap, I’m the one watching her tomorrow hit him.

Luckily, the realtor cancelled and we got home, but the baby had been hungry and eaten through more stores than I’d expected. I pumped right away to get some supply for the next day and reminded my husband that if all else failed, we still had a little in the freezer. He looked at me (guilelessly) and said – could you put more in the freezer? We need more backup supplies. Ugh! I’m not sure where I’m supposed to pull these back up supplies from – my toe? I mean, maybe if my feet could lactate too, this would help…. I pointed out that I’d pumped on all my days off when I was with her to build up as much supply as possible, but that I can’t freeze “extra” if we have no extra! I also pointed out that if he fed her cereal on his days maybe she wouldn’t be so hungry and we wouldn’t run out… (Last time I pointed this out on a supply issue day, he responded by asking if I could pump more. His only saving grace on this was later claiming to be kidding. I’m not really sure he was, but as long as he’s smart enough to claim it fast, I’ll give it to him!)

Ah well. I think I could “catch up” (stock up) if we weren’t running out with the realtor several times a week, so that I’m feeding her a bottle in her car seat in the back seat, as we don’t have time to stop. The car seat is, of course, not an ideal feeding area and gives her no room to be burped, so usually a large spit up follows this fun. The last spit up was a good one though… We had to change her entirely at the next house we got to – outfit, diaper, the works. In that house there was a family with 4 year old twin girls. They were home, so they sat on the porch while Daddy changed the diaper. This mesmerized and amazed them – look! The Daddy is changing the diaper! Thank God our baby threw up to teach these children an important life lesson! We might have to change her at every house with kids from now on (and by we, I mean, my husband) so that we’re sure they’ve all seen how good Dads are at this job!

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