Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being a grown up sucks, Ray

There’s that scene in Rain Man where Dustin Hoffman explains that his underwear has to come from Kmart and Tom Cruise succinctly sums up why that’s not necessary by explaining, Kmart sucks, Ray. So adding “Ray” on to our descriptions of what potentially sucks (or more to the point undeniably sucks) has been short hand in our house for the no point in discussing it further, that’s how it is. And today I must say, being a grown up sucks, Ray.

I know I’ve mentioned the lack of sleep. It bears repeating, but I’ll spare you as I could go on about that one for awhile… I think I also mentioned in an earlier post that we’re looking to buy a house. I ran the numbers again for several scenarios and, given what they’re telling us we can get for our condo, the outlook isn’t good. We sat down to discuss options and nothing seems very positive. It’s all a bit disheartening.

Sort of makes it a pain that I can’t drink these days due to nursing!

But then again – her smile does ease a lot of the stress. Probably more than a beer would. Well, probably…

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