Monday, August 24, 2009

Hi Baby! Making friends.

Saturday I went to lunch at some friends. They have a two year old daughter who was VERY excited by the baby. She can be a bit tough (she’s apparently the smallest in her daycare class, but “the bully.”), so they did their best to keep her away from the munchkin. She’d come within 5 feet and her Mom would run interference to body block her yelling, Be Gentle! Don’t touch the baby! She did find her way over a few times though – generally to yell – Hi Baby! (Who gave this kid chocolate? Seriously? Oh right… it was me.) Or to point out the baby’s toes. My munchkin looked up warily from her bouncer seat giving that sidelong glance she has perfected – the one that says, What on earth are you doing? My life experience is limited, but I’m pretty sure that you are patently crazy.

Actually it all went well and the munchkin MADE OUT in hand me downs! There was a huge bag of clothes of varying sizes and then a large supermarket bag full of shoes! As she currently owns one pair of shoes that fit (others that should fit, but really don’t), this was exciting. Particularly exciting were the boots (I think someone will be a cowgirl this Halloween…)! The shoes were more fashionable than mine! Apparently my friend’s little girl is really into shoes (at 2! They may have a problem here…).

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