Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh good I get to decide this again

After my conversation with my colleague about part time, I didn’t hear anything, so I assume nothing was coming of it. Last week, we finally got to the 2 week window and I sent my boss a message to let him know that I was sending a message to HR that day. I had it all composed. I just had to hit send. I was just having such a hard time hitting send. I was staring at it when my boss called. In the 11th hour (and 59th minute) he asked – what do you think about part time? (AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!) The weird thing was – it was obvious that he still wasn’t 100% sure about part time. He wanted to know if I wanted it – IF he offered it to me – which he wasn’t sure he wanted to do. I managed to keep my options open and told him to think about if he wanted to do it this weekend while I thought about if I wanted it.

So it’s been another weekend of tossing and turning. I REALLY don’t know what I want. (I’m just so glad that I get to make this decision – one of the hardest in life – AGAIN!). A big part of me just wants to “blow this popsicle stand” and call it quits. But a part of me knows that we could really use the money and I’d be stupid to not at least TRY the part time option. I’ve been debating it all weekend. I’ve decided that I think I’ll suggest we do a trial period while my other colleague is on maternity leave – we can see how it works for both of us and go from there. Right now I’m thinking I’m going to quit at the end of the ‘trial period,’ but I don’t honestly know. Luckily, I’ll have the opportunity to really stress over this again and decide again then…

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