Monday, August 31, 2009

One of THOSE days

So I realize that most people are probably dealing with this level of ... mess... every morning as most people have to drop their children to daycare, but I still submit this morning's story for your amusement. I'm going to argue that most people aren't wrangling the dog too and THAT is why I look like such an idiot in all this...

I was headed out this morning and laughing at the ridiculousness of myself as the bag lady mentally counting off all my crap as I headed down the stairs. Besides the dog and the baby, I was dragging the diaper bag, the bottles, my lunch bag, the breast pump, my purse and... Oh crap - where's my computer? Yup, still upstairs. So I drop all the bags and the dog to the car and the baby and I went back for the computer (man does her car seat get heavy on those double trips!).

We head off down the road and I notice that she keeps pulling her head out of the restraint - A LOT. She's actually pulled out enough that she is resting her head on the restraint (leaned to one side), which means I don't have her strapped in well enough. Last weekend, I’d noticed an angry red mark on her neck from where I’d strapped her in too tightly and I’d overcompensated in correcting it. I tried reaching back to move her head - which worked once... till she pulled it right back out. I realized I needed to pull over to fix it to be safe. So I pull over, just off the main road, and start to get out and Shiloh BEELINES across my seat and into the street! UGH!!!!! Luckily I caught his harness just as he hit the road and was NOT forced to chase him around (what was a very nice neighborhood – where people just don’t do that sort of thing. They don’t even ‘have people’ to do that sort of thing for them) like a MADWOMAN while worrying that the baby is alone in the car and what the hell do I do? I'm sorry I didn't work that one out for you, as I realize the comedy of that story would be far greater. I'll work on that for next time. So I drag him back into the car (unwillingly), get in the back to tighten her in - all the while giving him the evil eye that he had BETTER NOT get out of the car! She screams at the tightened restraint and I manage to get back in the car without another runner on his part - by some miracle... Or the sheer force of my will as I repeatedly yelled at him while getting in - STAY! DO NOT MOVE FROM THIS CAR!! DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

We I got to my in-laws I wondered why I bothered showering this morning as I was drenched in sweat.

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