Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby 1, new car smell 0

We bought a new car 3 months ago to accommodate our growing family. My side note on this - my husband is 6’4 and never really feet in the Corolla, but when we added the car seat even I couldn’t get the seat back as far as liked – and he literally couldn’t fit in the front seat – like his femur was longer than the distance from the seat back to the dashboard. So, as it was 10 years old, had 130K and sometimes made funny noises… High rollers that we are we went for another less expensive, reasonably fuel efficient family sedan and upgraded ourselves to the Accord. (I didn’t fully realize how much my husband HATED being in my car until he started telling me how much he loved the Accord every time he got into it. Last week he actually said – this is one of the smartest purchases of my life. I pointed to my engagement ring and he said, I said ONE OF!)

Anyway, when I first bought my Toyota in 1999, I think I managed to keep it in pretty good shape for several years. Now that I think about it, the real downturn for papers / garbage and just overall ‘stuff’ being left in the car might have come around marriage… (anything I can blame on him!) So I guess it’s no surprise that my trunk is already stuffed with baby gear that I just drive around with me for no reason and there are tons of listings from our real estate search littering my front seat. But that’s not the real offense – it’s that smell of spit up sour milk and hmm, what is that lovely odor wafting towards me in the July heat? Ah yes, I believe there is still a patina of poop on the seat from last week. Note to self – never offer to sit in the backseat of the car of anyone who has very small kids…

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  1. I agree! I can't tell you how much stuff was crammed, crushed, etc in the backseat of our vehicle, when we had our foster baby. Icky.


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