Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Making it to the breastfeeding group on my own

Now that my Mom has left and my husband is at work, the days do stretch out before me seeming fairly long (well, some days more than others). As exhausting as it is to make it out of the house, it does seem to help to break up the day some. We do long walks with the dog (picture a woman with a baby strapped to her chest fighting a 55 lb dog for the poop he’s just dropped so I can throw it out before he eats it (yes, eats it!) – when did my life become a comic strip?), but I decided it was time to make it out “for real.” Suddenly I realized that this was my first trip in the car with the baby by myself (who needed that reminder? Now I can drive like Grandma and be lucky to make it there by next Tuesday.). That also meant that this was the first trip out of the house with the baby, car seat, diaper bag, and the 10 lb bricks that we feel the need to carry with us – just in case…

I’m not sure how I made it out of the house. But somehow I made it to the hospital and was only a little bit late!

I won’t go through all the particulars except to say that I felt much better and more sane there this time. Sane enough to notice that the lactation consultant AGAIN told a woman there (not me this time) that maybe the baby isn’t using you as a pacifier, but instead using the pacifier as a mommy (and she hadn’t even made the rookie mistake I had of saying, in so many words, “she’s using me as a pacifier at 3am”!). Oh man… I do want to make sure to get out of the house some – I’m just not sure I need to get out of the house SO badly as to want to come here again…

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