Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Parenthood is making me soft !

I just read a post on where the Mom wrote how her son said “I love you, Mom. Bye” via text – so that he was still thinking about saying bye after he’s left for school, halfway down the street.

And I swear to you, I’m getting caught up about this! My daughter is still an infant – not speaking yet (not anywhere near it) – but I’ve realized I’ve become completely soft. And it’s not just that soft gushy part where my abdomen used to be! It’s soft to the core! Any story about kids – either their loving wonderful moments or God forbid if anything bad happens to one (even on a really bad, totally fictional movie of the week!) and I’m gone!

Motherhood should come with a warning label! I’m not sure if it should be for me or for those around me though…


  1. I think Motherhood should have two warning labels.. one FOR you and one for those around you, LOL!

    Ditto to pregnancy, too! However I think the warning label for those around us pregnant women should be HUGE. Not like bumpersticker size, like billboard size, :D!

  2. I thought the huge billboard sized belly should have been a good warning! Sadly - it's not for all people!

    Somehow late in the 3rd trimester people always seem to delight in tellig you how huge you are! That on top of the hormones? The combination can be lethal!


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