Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To sleep – perchance to dream!

Sleep has returned. I repeat. Sleep has returned. Stand down! Crisis averted. Hallelujah and praise be!

Thursday night my husband took a turn on the night shift as the constant waking up every few hours had been going on too long and I was starting to get … a bit edgy … about it. OK, I couldn’t think straight. So he did the 2 am and 5 am feeding while I, theoretically, got to sleep. Unfortunately I don’t think I slept at all while he got her at 2 (but I didn’t have to get up!) and I was awake for at least part of the time at 5 – and never really got back to sleep. My body knew this was its job and wasn’t taking to me taking it lying down! So I was a little better rested, but still not so hot. But then Saturday night – a front was broken! She was only up once! At 3 am. I’d stayed up too late, so I didn’t get as much advantage from this as I should, but still - I was managing some consistent hours of sleep around the feeding – thank goodness! And then a small miracle occurred – Sunday night – she slept right through! Oh thank goodness! We’re back to level we were at 2 months ago… There is a chance for sanity yet! Last night she was only up once again – at 5 or so – and then, apparently, slept in till 10:30 after that feeding. She even went back for a nap at 11:30. My one question on this – why does that never happen on one of my watch days? Or even my husband’s? My friend insists – she already knows that Grandma is the soft touch! Great – we’re already set up for – I don’t know what you are talking about. She was a perfect angel for me. Let the games begin!

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