Friday, August 21, 2009

Exorcist baby

Finally the night wound down – the guests went home, my husband stopped running his shuttle service and we were about ready to collapse. We were sitting around the kitchen table – and I was thanking God the baby was asleep for the night so I could have a drink! – when she woke up. I went in to see how what was wrong and realized that she’d rolled over to her belly and wasn’t happy about it. I picked her up – and she spewed all down my back and all over my Mom’s living room rug! Oops! I called for some help as I was now standing in a POOL of spit up. A pool! How does she get that much volume in her little belly? I didn’t want to track it all over and was figuring I’d have to take off my shoes to move. Her dad came in to get her and as I was taking her off my shoulder to hand her to him she let loose again – down my shirt! Not all over the front of me, but inside my shirt – like she was thinking, I don’t want to hit that nice rug again… Hmm – this shirt should do nicely to catch this refuse – blah!

I had to stop for a minute to laugh out loud at the ridiculousness of it. Unfortunately my husband had missed it, so it wasn’t till I handed her to him that he looked and saw that I was covered in spit up – and then he laughed pretty hard too! Thank God I’d laughed first… or he would have been in a lot of trouble for that!

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