Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet… where?

Ah the house hunting saga continues… A second couple came to see our condo last night (well, not a couple – a man and his Mom. Guessing this isn’t his big bachelor pad…). They seemed to like it and wanted to move forward (luckily their timeframe is more like 4 weeks rather than next week), though they seemed like they might be a little high maintenance. (Let me clarify – everything in our condo currently works. I mean, we live there. We use it. It works. But there are things you have to “make” work a little. For instance – you may have to run the dryer more than once to get your stuff dry. Or you may have to hold down the handle on the toilet to get it to flush.) Anyway, we’ll see.

On the front of where we’re going… one of the houses I really liked is gone – under contract. The other one is still out there – and looks like it might be out there awhile, as it’s priced far higher than the other stuff in the neighborhood. Now it’s really nice and is probably worth more than the others – but probably not 30% more. So the good news is there’s probably no one else rushing for it. But then again we really can’t afford to pay way over the market value for it (or anyplace!). Of course… if we don’t find a place before we have renters at our condo, we may be moving in with my in-laws. They are very nice and generous people, but that would start to make that premium seem more reasonable! (And we’re no angels either. They might decide they’d prefer to kick in some cash than live with us for too long!)

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