Thursday, August 20, 2009

The baby and those people she lives with

I knew this was coming. I think I knew it before I even thought about children, but I certainly should have figured it out during pregnancy. Even before the baby arrived my Mom stopped bringing me back gifts from her travels and started bringing back baby gifts. (This is really OK – I think I have all the t-shirts and international tchotchke I can handle.) I guess I just didn’t know how far it would go… But I’ve realized that I have become little more than a “handler” for the baby in the eyes of most family and friends. When we visit my Mom, she now tells people that the baby and the people she lives with are coming. She updated her facebook profile to announce that her granddaughter and her entourage were arriving during our last visit. She’ll leave us to do nighttime feedings, diapers and toy and accoutrement set up (of which there are ALWAYS more when we arrive – be it things she’s bought or new hand-me-downs) – making me realize the truth. To all and sundry, I am now little more than a roadie… Man, being an incubator was so much more fun!

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  1. I think after awhile you get used to it. After 5 years of being referred to as someone's mom, I no longer wonder if people actually know my first name. I just assume they don't.


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