Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over the shoulder boulder holder

After speaking to some friends about the lack of sleeping, I decided I needed to try a new strategy before I spoiled the kid rotten. I’d been getting up as soon as I heard her in the night and not really waiting for her to cry (my theory had been if I got to her before she was really upset then she wouldn’t work herself up and wake herself up and she’d therefore go to sleep faster). So Friday night, I decided to wait it out. (I should note that I’d tried this theory on the 2nd feeding of Thursday night, but it turned out that that wound up being around 7 am and I eventually decided that I really wanted to go back to sleep and/or that was a reasonable time for her to wake up for a feeding – you choose. I don’t care which.) She woke up at about 3:30 am and started kicking and chattering to herself. While her chatter was not always happy, she didn’t actually cry. She just made noise. For an hour and a half! Whoa. I can’t talk to myself for an hour and a half and I’m capable of language! Well… maybe I can… but not at 3:30! But then she did go back to sleep! I was off so slept in a little, but then got up around 8:30 or so to relieve the rock hard granite blocks that were my boobs. Whoa! This didn’t happen when she previously was sleeping through the night.

Saturday, we went to visit some friends in PA for a picnic and stayed at their place. I figured I’d get her at her first noises in the night so as not to disturb them. But she actually only made one small noise around 4 am and went right back to sleep without me coming over. She woke up around 8 – and I was very happy to feed her and relieve some pressure!

I figured last night wouldn’t be so bad, as I’d have to be up early to get ready for work anyway. I should have known that if one side felt a little full going to bed, I should just go pump then. But I didn’t. My God I could have taken someone’s head off with those things! My husband’s lucky I didn’t roll over and bump into him in the night – he might have been crushed! Or seriously injured! I had to pump as soon as I woke up – and got 11 oz! I think that’s the most I’ve ever gotten in one pumping – and my breast pad was totally sodden as well, so lord knows how much was in there. I’m beginning to think of the breast pads as boob diapers now.

Still – NOT complaining if it means she sleeps through the night! I’ll deal with a little discomfort if I can sleep through it!

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