Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If it’s not one thing…

So, given the bad state of the economy for selling, we’ve decided we should probably look into renting our place out so that we can move. We’re lucky that we’re able to cover the mortgage and didn’t get ourselves mixed up in some crazy deal that has escalated payments, but we still really can’t afford to sell at the moment. So we decided we should probably try to get an ad out there now to see if there’s any interest while we start looking at places. My husband posted the ad on Friday night and added a phone number on Saturday morning. We decided on a price that we thought might be a little high, but it covers our mortgage and condo fees with a little leftover to put towards taxes and insurance (not the full amount, but we can live with it in the hopes the market recovers). We got 3 phone calls and at least one serious email this weekend. Two people were scheduled to come by tonight, but one actually jumped the gun and called to say – hey, I’m in the area, can I come by now? – last night.

So that’s a weight off our shoulders and a real relief – it looks like we’ll be able to rent our place. Except… well, we don’t have any place to go yet! We didn’t want to move too far forward / put an offer on a place when we weren’t sure what the rental situation would be. I’m really not sure we could make both payments (esp. when we wipe out our savings for a down payment) if we didn’t get it rented, so we wanted to make sure that was an option. Now there are people who want to move – well, now. I mean, they want to know if they can move in next week! Oh crap… How do I get myself into these messes?

You’d think it’d be really easy to find a great house in this market… and yet still not!

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