Friday, August 21, 2009

This is our cousin. He’s going to take our piano.

So we headed home to NJ this weekend to visit my Mom and other family and friends. We convinced my Mom to let us host a BBQ at her house to make it simpler to see everyone at once. (Of course my Mom isn’t all that capable of letting anyone do all the work, so she’d already bought most of the stuff and done some set up / clean up.) We got to see a bunch of family and show off our munchkin, which was a lot of fun.

Unfortunately though, one of my cousins had to leave early due to a family emergency. He had come out of NYC, so my husband offered to give him a ride back into the city. He was a bit shaken up (his ex-wife (with whom he’s remained good friends) had taken a header down the stairs after tripping over the cat and broken her nose. Broken noses bleed a lot, so she was freaking out a bit and headed to the ER. He and their son wanted to get back to her quickly.).

Being a paramedic, my husband talked to them about what was likely happening – she might get a CT scan if they thought she’d hit her head in such a way to cause any possible brain issue, but likely they’d reset it and give her a referral for a plastic surgeon. My cousin called his wife and explained, authoritatively, that “He said” she shouldn’t leave without a CT scan (My husband jumped in to say – no, no! That’s not what “he” said!). She said the doctor had said she didn’t need one, but gave her a referral for a plastic surgeon. This was met with – “yes, I was about to tell you that that was the next thing that ‘he said’ would happen.” As she has never met my husband, I asked if she at any point asked who this guy was (and what he kept going on about!). But apparently that had been cleared up somewhere along the lines.

Given the traffic, they had some time in the car, so they talked about other things – like our attempt at finding a home and putting our condo on Craig’s list to rent. My cousin said that he’d given up on Craig’s list and had just gotten rid of a ton of stuff when he moved back to NY. He mentioned that they’d really like to get rid of this piano they have, but haven’t found anyone who wants it. As we’d kind of like a piano (if/when we have room), my husband volunteered that we’d take if we ever found a house.

Eventually they got to the city and picked up my cousin’s ex. She got in the car next to her son who made introductions to my husband – “Mom, this is the guy we were talking about. He’s going to take our piano if he gets a house.”

Note to self – never agree to anything in front of anyone under 16.

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