Friday, August 21, 2009

The taxi to NYC

Later in the evening of our BBQ (see last post), my husband made the second shuttle trip to the train to drop off my other friend who had come out from NYC. As he was walking her to platform, she took a spill and fell on the ground. Not so bad – except it was walking under the underpass (we always park on the “coming home” side when we’ve gone in, so he wasn’t sure how to get to the other lot to drop her off). You don’t have to have visited my town or been on that train to KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt how that area smelled. It’s one of those times when you’re hoping to fall in the pigeon poop to protect you from the urine underneath it…

So he offered to drive her home as well. Luckily she said she was sure she could make it, but he really felt he better walk her all the way up to the platform. Apparently that was about when they ran into the drunk who saw that he had helped her up and was now walking her up the steps to the platform and said ‘you gotta take care of your girl! Walking her up all those steps? Now that’s love, man!’ My friend said no, he’s just a gentleman. Their compatriot said – ‘Fuck that shit! That’s LOVE!’ Ok… She’s a better woman than I am. If he were on my train, I would have taken up the offer of a ride!

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