Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby in T minus 1

Just a short thought before heading to the hospital. Keeping things going till the last minute, I was still technically working from home through to early afternoon today. Amusingly, my husband had thought about going in for a half day and coming home at 5, but his coworkers literally told him that they’d beat him up if he showed up on Wednesday. He was happy enough to take off and rest, but we did have to laugh that he started his parental leave before I started mine.

Anyway, he dropped the dog off to his parents and did some other last things, but we’re really all just waiting around to see what happens now. We went out to dinner (bag in the car – just in case things actually occurred. Hmm… nope.), but still had an hour or so to kill when we got back home. It was all so odd. We’re watching TV, but thinking – oh man, we’re going to leave this house in a few minutes and will come back with a baby! And there’s never anything good on TV when you’re having a moment like that!

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