Thursday, October 1, 2009

Giving up the ghost of cool

We decided to go hiking this weekend to enjoy the nice weather. We arrived at the park and saw a bunch of people getting set to mountain bike on the trails – they were all inflating tires and testing out their (I’m sure quite cool) bikes. We noticed them for a moment, but then were totally distracted by the couple with the BOB! For those of you who don’t know what that is, the Bob is a very high end jogging stroller. My husband lusts after it. He entirely forgot about the mountain bikes (though he used to love to ride these trails) to drool over our fellow yuppies with their stroller.

Our only saving grace (our stroller seems pretty expensive to me as well, but doesn’t match the cost of the bob) was our stroller was much lighter – and my husband was much bigger and stronger – so he was able to pick it up and carry it over some of the uneven / rock covered ground when the other couple gave up and turned around. Who needs a Bob when you have this Dad?


  1. You can definitely get caught in baby stuff envy! Keep hiking! Thanks for stopping by our blog! And so far I don't think I am missing anything else from my shopping trip!lol

  2. I Googled the Bob stroller to see it for myself and wow - $389 for that puppy! Wow.

    p.s. I meant to mention that the welcoming committee that you asked about in your comment on my blog on my SITS day is called "Welcomistas". It's a group of SITStas that get a list every week or two of new SITS member and we visit their blog to say welcome to the group. If you're interested in being a Welcomistas, you could go to the SITS website and then click "contact" and let the girls know.


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