Monday, October 26, 2009

Putting the baby to work

As we started looking at houses again, we decided to go back to one we’d seen before that was overall a bit smaller than we’d really like and, though they’ve now dropped the price a bit, still a bit out of our price range. It’s a really nice place in a good location with a great (big) lot, so I thought it might be worth considering whether we could get it at a reduced price and then, one day in the future when maybe we actually have some money, put an addition on it, since the lot is big enough to support it. Admittedly, the way the lot is laid out, we can never have a 2 car garage (unless we stack the cars!), but we can probably get a 4th bedroom, a larger kitchen and family room and entrance to the house from the garage (well, maybe if we win the lottery).

The house was supposed to be open for viewings this weekend, but apparently the agent screwed up and we should have had an appointment. The older couple who lives there was nice enough to let us in anyway, though, and showed us around. As it’s an older couple with grandkids, we decided we should send the baby in first and put her to work! She did her best to charm them (my favorite quote was the woman actually said – She’s adorable. I mean, I thought my grandkids were cute, but she’s really cute!).

I think we’re going to try to get this one (though we’ll have to offer less than they’re asking because we just can’t meet their price), so here’s hoping they really liked her and want to see her grow up there!

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