Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I bought my little monkey her very own little monkey costume to wear this Halloween. But then I thought - well, I guess she'll just wear it when trick or treaters come by because she is too young for trick or treating / can't eat candy. But then I just got the idea from another (devilishly wonderful) blog (thedomesticationofthesinglegirl.blogspot.com) of taking her out trick or treating for the free candy (duh)! When she's older and able to eat it on her own, she'll probably get mad at me for wanting to take it... Or at the very least won't let me have the good pieces!

I also think that I should get first dibs on any of the candy (over my husband) because I'm breastfeeding and therefore if *I* eat the candy, she does eventually get it. If he eats it - well, he's just, LITERALLY, taking candy from a baby. And everyone knows that's wrong.

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