Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The straight poop

I mentioned earlier that we were starting fruits and vegetables in the last month or two. It’s taken awhile, but she is FINALLY starting to actually eat them! For the longest time, I know her bib and hair were enjoying them, but it didn’t seem that much was getting in her mouth. But then we started fruits. She liked some of the fruits a bit and stopped pushing them out with her tongue – and I think it was like a curtain lifted for her. I think she just finally actually figured out how to eat and that that sensation of fullness wasn’t half bad. Or maybe I’m crazy (wouldn’t be the first time!). Whatever the case, after she ate those first fruits that she enjoyed, she was much more amenable to eating other things. Things she’d rejected in the past. Heck, she even ate some cereal! (Note – I’d gotten her to eat before, but it always seemed that as much came out of her mouth as went in. Feeding took forever as I felt like I was retrying with the same spoonful over and over again - put it in her mouth, she pushes it out. I scrape it off her face with the spoon and try to put it in her mouth again. And again. And again.)

And eating so much solid food had some results. Solid poop! You can tell we’re first time parents as this TOTALLY excited us. My husband felt the need to call me at work to tell me about the first semi-solid poop. When she had a “real” fully solid poop, I called him in to look at it. Now, we didn’t go so far as to take a picture (as he did with the merconium at the hospital), but it was still an exciting time. Even though it smells a lot more than the old breastmilk only stuff did. It reminds me of that old Cosby routine. I can’t remember all the particulars, but he talks about how new parents are always totally excited by poop at the beginning. We show the dirty diaper to everyone and have to be stopped from framing it. So he notes how confusing to the baby it must be when (really not so long) later we’re sighing about by yet another dirty diaper and arguing over whose turn it is to have to change her. I’m not sure I realized how funny (and accurate) Cosby was when I was a kid…

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