Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The new and improved new house!

Thank Goodness! The couple accepted our offer on the new house and we will settle in just a few weeks! Unfortunately they need to rent back from us for a month (not ideal, but sort of necessary for us to get this house at this price and we do have a place to live in the interim), but then we will move in in about 2 months! Woo hoo!!!

This house is a bit smaller than the original, which is sort of a bummer, but it’s a much better location. It’s quite a bit closer in to the city and about 5 minutes from my office (I may need to drive around the block a few times on the way home to decompress!). It’s also a much bigger lot, so there’s room to expand one day if we want. Truthfully we wouldn’t be able to afford a house the size we’d really like in this community, but we can afford this somewhat smaller house now and then can potentially add on to it when we can afford that – so maybe we’ll get the bigger house in the better community yet (without moving / more closing costs! Although we might have to move back in with my in-laws for renovations so I need to think about this…).

Anyway, we’re very excited for this place (and not just to move out of my husband’s childhood bedroom!). It’s cute and homey – with wood floors taken from a Civil War era house and 2 wood burning fireplaces. Hmm, and as I’m apparently going with a “woody” theme, it also has a nice wooded area in the back which makes it all seem more rural (though still in a city) and will be a fun place for our daughter and our dog to play (well, he’ll probably get there first – she’s only 8 months old!).

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