Monday, October 5, 2009

High rollin’ in her high chair

We decided to go buy a high chair this past weekend. To date, we’d been feeding the munchkin in her swing (at first, she didn’t seem ready for a high chair and then it was just one more thing to move…), but the swing was a bit low and therefore not a very comfortable way to feed her – and just probably not ideal overall.

So we headed to Babies R Us – let the agony begin. We learned to fear Babies R Us a bit during the initial baby registry process – seriously, there’s a whole wall full of different bottles! How are these different? Which is the right one? Oh crap… We got there this weekend and headed to the high chairs – ironically, it’s actually not a much larger display than bottles despite the relative size of high chairs v. bottles. But which one? What the heck is the difference? My husband liked the pretty solid wood one, but I pointed out that we didn’t actually have to buy the most expensive one (OK, so peg perego was more expensive, but I still wanted to direct him to the other end of the display). We agreed to eliminate all the most expensive ones as we couldn’t see any difference between those and the moderate ones. (We eliminated the cheapest ones because in that case we could see a difference.) We eliminated the super girly ones – just in case we have more children (my husband keeps claiming that he is positive he is going to wind up with 3 girls. I asked him who would be the mother of all those children as I’m not at all sure about 3! Let’s work on the one we have. I also noted that while he’d complain terribly about being outnumbered, he absolutely loves his little girl and would probably love as many girls as he’d get and if it turned out that way, despite any complaints, he’d secretly not want it any other way. But I digress. Oh, he did have to throw in that he was sure he’d be surrounded by women all on their period at once and it would be awful. I pointed out that he should quit complaining as mine hasn’t come back yet because of breastfeeding, so it’s been nearly a year and half since he’s had to live with even one woman on her period. OK, right, the point.). This left us with just a few – we eliminated one because “it annoyed us” and then essentially went the eenie meanie route on the remainders to finally pick one.

As we finished, I headed to the mother’s room to feed our new proud high chair owner, as she was getting a bit fussy. This left my husband alone to buy the high chair. Alone save the pregnant couple down the aisle who were picking out other items for a registry. He looked at them and remembered that moment and decided it was time to be the senior statesman and let the dad to be in on his wisdom. It went something like this.

Hubby: Look, when you have the baby, the first few weeks are going to effing suck, but then it gets better.
Dad to be: (I’m guess his face said, huh, do I know you? But his mouth said) Um, OK.
Hubby: Seriously. You’ll get through it and then it will get better.
DTB: Yeah, ok.
Hubby: I’m telling you. Just survive those first few weeks.
DTB: (guessing his inner monologue was now more – how do I get out of this conversation?) OK. Um, thanks.

We try to do what we can to help those that have come after us. I can’t wait till he starts imparting knowledge to our daughter (and till she starts repeating it and I have to tell her not to use those words – as I believe there were quite a few more F bombs in the actual speech…).

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  1. Bwahahaha...too freaking cute!

    And, ugh. I'm needing to buy a high chair. I keep holding out. I'm using a cheapie walker from Babies R Us to contain & feed baby, but eventually I AM going to need to buy a high chair. *Sigh*

    My man is convinced that he is gonna be outnumbered in an estrogen ruled household and I haven't said anything, but boy needs to brush up on the math. One chick + one baby girl = he's ALREADY outnumbered!!


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