Monday, October 12, 2009

All about Meme - Friends

This week's question was what Friends character are you most like. As I was a long time ADDICT of this show, I figured I'd better answer. The obvious answer to any of my friends is Chandler - it's the sarcasm and the overstatment (could I be any more like him some days?). One of my college friends told me that he'd heard one of "my" stories from another friend and even without hearing the source, he knew it was from me just based on how it was told and which details were emphasized.

Well that and I have one of those jobs that makes no sense to anyone else (remember the trivia episode - what does Chandler do for a living?). While I don't create a WENUS (weekly estimated net usage... stats? Something like that), I did for a long time create a WIFR... Oh man, this is so sad! I remember what the WENUS was but not what my own report acronym was! It was weekly international, something with an F, report - a sales monitoring tool. This is so sad...

Well, moving beyond that sad state of my brain, I've realized that there's also a Monica part of me recently. I may not be all that organized, but what I do have organized, God help me if it's messed up! I recently had not put away the baby's laundry for a couple of days (due to some long work hours mixed with intrinsic laziness) so someone else took care of it for me. Rather than be grateful, I had a little mental freak out because not everything was put in the right place - outfits weren't separated from onesies, wash cloths were in with clothes, dresses weren't hung up, socks weren't in the right drawer - Cats and Dogs living together, IT WAS MADNESS! Anarachy! I had to pull everything out and totally reorganize.

Had to.

Had to.

Yup, that doesn't sound at all OCD...

... had to.


  1. I am the same as you when it comes to Z's things :) I like all of his clothes and toys in the right places. It is a bit of an obsession but looking around the rest of my life, you would never know :) Great post!

  2. Stopping in from SITS! I think I'm a Chandler/Monica mix. I am in LOVE with Friends. It's the only show I have on DVD that I will watch season to season, over and over again, because it's always funny, no matter how many times I've seen it.

  3. I love Thanksgiving too much to be Chandler. ;)

  4. I have the whole OCD thing too. If I had a little vacuum to clean my big vacuum all would be right with the world! LOL

  5. I think I have a character crush on Chandler - I've always LOVED him, and I crack up at nearly anything he says. His whole style just gets me. I'm always quoting what he said when Joey was cleaning out the fridge: "Well, you don't look good, Joe." and, "Is this a SERVICE you're providing me?" Gosh, he's funny.

  6. I am seriously goinna kick my hubby's butt for going to your house and putting away your baby's laundry.

    I know it was him.

    The washclothes with the clothes.. gave it away.

    Me too.
    You are also.. a MONICHANDLER- or since you're more chandler.

    maybe a Chandonica.

    xoxox supah

  7. I'm a Chandler too and I know that I will one day regret saying it, but I wish I had a little more Monica in me. I seriously need to do some more organizing... right now I'm more like Monica's closet than Monica... but it's getting better (at least that's what I tell myself!)

  8. LOL Too funny!!

    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!! =)


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