Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And one more thought on sleeping

For once my comments on sleeping are not just a complaint about night time feedings! (Although she did wake me up twice last night and the second time she didn’t want to go back to sleep. But that is besides the point! As a side note, I know many people are in the “cry it out” camp, but we’re living with my in-laws and my father in law had a big meeting at work today so he really needed a good night’s sleep. It’s one thing if our sleep is disrupted, but my in-laws finished their sleep training 30 something years ago and are inconvenienced enough by us as it is.) Anyway, sorry, we’re not talking about that. I forgot.

My daughter has a new preferred sleep position. She’s become a belly sleeper, but it’s not just that – she sleeps with her knees under her and her butt stuck up in the air. I put her down on her back and she almost immediately rolls to this position. My mother in law has tried moving her, but she just rolls right back (or wakes up mad about being moved!). I can’t understand how this is even vaguely comfortable, but she seems to be in that position almost every time I walk in to check on her. My Mom thinks it looks like she’s ready to crawl away the second she wakes up. I’d more vote that it looks like she was crawling and just thought she’d stop for a second and …zzzzzzz…


  1. Oh this is completely normal and most babies do it. I don't see how it's comfortable, either, but I know I slept the SAME way when I was a baby.

  2. Yes, 37w today! My dr did mention that if I'm not in labor on my own by 39w, she'll be inducing so only 2 left to go!! WOO!

  3. My two babies slept in what appeared to be the most awkward and uncomfortable positions. At first I tried moving them, because really, WHO could be comfortable sleeping like that?

    Not a good plan. They always woke up, cried for an hour, then when I was just at the point where sleep wasn't coming to me, they'd fall back asleep in exactly the same position I had ruined for them.

  4. Happy SITS Sharefest! Babies always find their way... mine breasfeeds in all kind of ackward positions, how can she be comfortable, I don't know!


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