Monday, November 2, 2009

Everybody cut Footloose!

The other day was a kind of long day where the hubby and I looked at each other and said – let’s try to get the baby to bed early so we can go to bed immediately after! But she was having none of it. I went upstairs with her around 7:30, but her schedule was a bit off (she’d been up too late the night before and napped too late that afternoon) so she was vehemently opposed to sleep. Or maybe it was all the commotion…

Being upstairs with her, I missed most of the commotion (because I am that attentive), but was sort of aware of some yelling. Here’s what seems to have happened…

The dog started getting sick, so my husband got into gear to take him outside / take care of him. He eventually decided to take him to the basement – as there’s no carpeting there and easy access to an exit, if needed. His Mom thought he was outside and sometime after that heard loud banging / cracks. She thought they were gunshots (I heard them, but just don’t generally assume gunshots. Where I’m from, that’s almost always a car backfiring or kids playing with fire crackers. But I guess the deer are a real problem near them and she thought someone was shooting at them.). She got very nervous that her son and the dog were outside, so she called her husband to go find them. Apparently he went out after them, but she didn’t realize that. So when she found her son and the dog in the basement and then noticed the front door was unlocked, she locked it (as one would with people shooting outside!). Her husband came back a few minutes later to find himself locked out (so now he’s the one locked out at the O-kay coral!).

I came back down (with the very awake baby) a little bit later to hear this story. My husband was nowhere to be seen. About half an hour later, I convinced the baby that she WAS, in fact, tired and wanted to go to bed. So I decided to go look for my husband.

I knew he was very overtired and a sick dog was the last thing he wanted to be dealing with, so I wasn’t sure what mood I’d find him in. In the past when I’ve tried to help when the dog is busy throwing up at 3 am (and he’s got to get up in 2 hours), he’s been known to be… somewhat testy. So I was a little apprehensive about what I’d find. What I did find was that he’d found a working tv in the basement and he and the, now fairly healthy, dog were watching Footloose! It was just coming up to that scene were Kevin Bacon has just had it with the small town and therefore works out all his frustration and energy the way any normal young teenager would – by dancing around an old empty warehouse. I’ll have to remind my husband of that solution next time he gets frustrated with work. (Clearly watching it was enough to help all that night! The dog was perfectly healthy after that!)

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