Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Way to build the male ego, baby

We went to lunch with one of my husband’s friends last week who had not met our munchkin yet. When he arrived, he was excited to meet her and my husband immediately handed her off. Not a good idea… She started crying right away! The poor guy – every time he’d try to take her or even smile at her for the rest of lunch, she’d start crying! A totally unusual reaction for her – though I didn’t tell him that! I told him it was her age and that she was starting to notice strangers (stranger danger!). He said, it was OK – 6 months or 30 years, he had the same effect on women – distress, crying and hiding. Then he got really worried about how his date was going to go that night…

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  1. Oh no! Poor guy. My husband had the same reaction on a little girl we fostered for a while. She wasn't used to being around men (at all - she was only 2 months) and everytime he'd try to hold her or look at her, she'd start screaming. She finally came around though.

    How funny.


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