Monday, September 28, 2009

If only I could get the baby monitor to sleep through the night now…

So last night my daughter fell asleep while nursing when we were watching tv around 8:30. This is a little early for her, but not exceptionally early, so I was pretty excited. Well, more to the point, I was exhausted after several bad nights of sleep (she was waking up more, but the move was also stressing me out and making it hard to sleep. Oh, and there was the part the night before where my husband jolted awake around midnight because he felt something funny and it turned out a bug had flown up his boxers and was… as my friend puts it, trying to have “adult fun” with him. He ran down the hall bottomless (at his parents’ house!) to check things out in the light of bathroom and then came back to find new shorts. But I digress.). Anyway, I was excited that this might be an early night! Until the baby woke up around 10 – ready to party. Turned out that was NOT down for the night, but just her last nap of the day. So now the “edge” was off and she was awake and ready to play!

I tried nursing her and rocking her, but to no avail. I handed her off to my husband to rock her – who began playing rocket with her till I explained that that was not calming her down and giving her the sense that this nighttime, not playtime. Nothing worked. We tried laying her on the bed with us – nope, not what I wanted, dear parentals. I’m just going to cry till you pick me up. We tried laying her in her crib while we laid on the bed in that room. Nope, don’t think so. Only time would work. So sometime around 11, she decided to give us a break. After much begging and pleading and, “I love you and think you are very sweet, but I just need you to shut up now.”

We collapsed into bed.

I don’t know what time it was that the baby monitor started it’s “out of range” beeping. All I know is NOTHING MOVED. The monitor in the baby’s bedroom is not close enough to her bed that she could have moved it and this receiver was not near our bed. How did it get out of range when NOTHING MOVED!? I got up to look at it – and it found its way back in range. OK, good. Don’t know what that was. We fell back asleep – but not for long. It started beeping again! I tried to figure it out – every time I’d sit up to look at it – it’d find its damn way back into range! I finally decided to move it a little (I knew my husband had moved it – maybe 4 inches – before we’d gone to bed so that the bright light on it would be blocked by the tv and not bother him. So I moved it the 4 inches back and told him to roll over so the light wouldn’t bother him.). I do NOT know why but that worked.

Our alarms went off around 6:30, the baby having slept through the night. But we dragged our zombie butts out, night of the living dead, because the stupid monitor didn’t sleep through the night. Are you kidding me?

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  1. Oh... sooo not cool. I remember our monitor doing the same (occasionally) with our foster baby.


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