Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting propositioned with your baby in your baby bjorn!

My husband called me up with his quote of the day for today: The only thing more awkward than getting propositioned by a prostitute is getting propositioned by a prostitute with your baby strapped to your chest in the baby bjorn.

Apparently my husband didn't want to put the baby into the car seat to go out and get a sub for lunch. So he decided to just walk out to the nearby strip mall with her in the baby bjorn. To get there, you walk past the Econo Lodge - where there was a woman standing in the doorway who saw him and asked - are you here for me?

Not understanding, he asked what she meant. And she again asked if he was there for her or supposed to meet her there or something.

Being who he is, he straight up asked her if she was a prostitute.

She apparently acted flustered, but didn't deny she was. I joked that she should have seen he probably wasn't a cop, as adding the baby in was really a rather elaborate ruse for a sting operation. But he said she was pretty stoned, so might not have noticed.

So my thoughts here -

1. I remember a friend of mine reading a book some years ago where different people told the stories of their jobs. One was an industrial cleaner – someone who cleans up crime scenes and the like. Apparently they are called to cheap motels fairly often and he summed up his chapter by saying – spend the extra 50 bucks on your hotel. I now see his point.

2. I'm kind of glad we're moving soon...

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