Thursday, September 24, 2009

More teething

I remember when my cousin’s oldest was teething. She mentioned that the little girl had 4 teeth at the time. I’d responded with ‘wow, 4 teeth!’ To which she’d said – yup, 4 down, 16 more to go. Though I sort of knew that teething could be difficult, I really couldn’t understand what she meant. Now I’m beginning to.

The munchkin has 2 teeth so far. The first seems to have poked through when we went to a wedding two or three weeks ago and she was being watched by a friend of my Mom’s. I’d called to check in on her and she’d told me – oh, she’s fine. She cried and howled inconsolably for 45 minutes earlier, but I knew it was just gas and teething, so I didn’t bother to call you. Oh jeez. The next day she mentioned to my Mom that the baby’s teeth had come through / were already showing. I looked and sure enough the first one had poked through – and we’d just missed the worst of it. Awesome. Maybe they can all come in when I’m not looking…

The next one seemed to have poked through about a week later – this one seemed to have only been accompanied by 20 minutes of wailing (for my mother in law) – so clearly we’re making progress! If the next one is less than 10, than under 5, but the 5th or 6th tooth, we’ll hardly have time to respond before she feels better. Riiiiiiiiight…..

We’ve only seen the two so far, but the crying seems to indicate more on their way. I mentioned the unhappiness yesterday morning (this morning felt fairly similar), but there was another long period of it last night. She just didn’t want to be put down all evening – and really wanted to be held by me – usually to nurse. Of course I was trying to work this around packing and her bath time and maybe getting some dinner myself. She actually wasn’t too bad for the early part of the evening and I did get some packing done. Getting some eating done was not nearly so smooth a process. She finally fell asleep sometime after 9:30 (I think close to 10, but I was starting to lose count).

So on that note I say – 2 down, 18 to go.


  1. Good luck. Although I can't rember since its been 37 years, I'm sure it must hurt a great deal!

  2. And don't's only a short six years later that the crying starts again, when the teeth start FALLING OUT.

    Cruel master plan...


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