Monday, September 28, 2009

Five Things I can't survive without

So today's question is 5 things I can't live without (I'm going with 'on a desert island.' I can't choose 'in the car' - I've been living without my sanity there too long to suggest I need anything - well, except snacks. I'm nursing. I always need snacks...). Supahmommy shows a survivor logo, but I like her take on it - this is more an island resort. Hubby and I have been talking about taking a vacation - which has made me dream of a "real" vacation, so I'm going to put that dream into words. So without further ado, here's what I want to "survive" at my island resort.

1. Room service. I mentioned the part where I'm nursing, right? So lots of food is a must!

2. Room service will also deliver drinks - like champagne and good red wine. Yes, I know I'm nursing, but this is my fantasy, so why not?

3. A well loved and trusted nanny - so the munchkin in nearby, but also cared for while I'm... hmm... swimming with the dolphins. And drinking all that champagne!

4. My husband - He's not #4 in order of importance! But lest you think he's not there for all this, I thought I should be clear.

5. Some good books to enjoy while relaxing in the sun.

Would it be wrong to put "my pre-baby body" on the list?

How about you?

To be fair, I'll got with the "other" view - just the things I can't live without. It reminds me of a question some of my friends were jokingly asking a few years ago - if there was a superhero action figure of you, what would your accessories be? The dvr featured heavily among the answers... I've realized my responses will really just point out my uberdorkiness (I'm just shy of adding a retainer / head gear to the list...), but then again - that's me!

1. Zyrtec. See, I told you. Just shy of head gear, here are my allergy meds.
2. Books - I love to read! It's one of my favorite "have time" passtimes.
3. A hairband - I'm stealing this idea from Carrie Alexander ( as I realized she's totally right on what I always have with me.
4. Food - ha! So be it my fantasy or my reality, there are snacks to be had!
5. My cell phone - I left the house without it a couple of months ago and a friend of mine suggested it was akin to leaving the baby at home alone. I don't know what I ever did before I had one.


  1. allergy meds and pony holders...forgot those.

    MAN and books...what would I do without something to read? Your list is really good!

  2. Um.. I'd put my DREAM body on the list. As you can plainly see... i only SLIGHTLY look like that pic of me and mcheyhey.. ( head)

    thanks for playing along!!
    the second list.. was funny

    the head gear..
    classic funny

    come back next week

  3. Damn, forgot the zyrtec...can I borrow yours?

  4. Yes you can have your DREAM body in a fantasy. That would be on mine (and as part of it I would give my husband his - I mean my dream body for him! Great picks. Books and drinks and food and bodies. Hey when we eat and drink we don't get fat either right? Found you through SITS comments - glad I did! I'm at

  5. Oh, how delightful ... and island getaway ... that's the direction I went with this week's MEme, too! And thanks for the reminder about how hungry nursing makes you ... I'll be there again, shortly! Now you've got me thinking about room service and wondering if I can talk my husband into providing that service for the next three months or so? :)

    Thanks for joining us!


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