Monday, September 21, 2009

All about ME Monday

Thought I'd try this one out as this seemed like a fun idea! I can't seem to get the link in right, so I'll have to direct you to Mommy Brain ( for the link, but here are the 5 things about me Monday TV for me shows to watch.

1. The Office - I love this one! It's the one show I absolutely feel the need to watch each week and will watch online if I miss it. I considered turning it on at the hospital when my daughter was born (4 hours old is NOT too young to introduce her to it!), but decided her visitors wouldn't approve.

2. House - I got hooked on this one during maternity leave. I honestly think it was on SOME channel at every time of day for the 3 months I was off.

After those two, we start getting into the ones I CAN miss, but want to check out (there used to be a lot more "must sees" for me, but just don't feel like there's a lot great on right now).

3. Community - the previews for this looked cute and it's on after the Office, so why not?

4. Glee - a friend highly recommended this, so I checked out the premier online and thought I'd like to check it out again.

5. Cougar Town - I like Courtney Cox and it looks funny.

If I'm not busy, I'll also check out Scrubs, as it's kind of fun. Other than that, I think I must watch a lot of reruns and movies... I mean if not that - I'd have to READ or something! ;)


  1. Oh, I love House too! Isn't it funny how you can get hooked on these shows when you are stuck in bed? LOL.

    Thansk for checking out my Monday Mingle- and for visiting from SITS. It is nice to meet you!

  2. Hey there :) It looks like our lists are pretty similar ... gotta love the escape of a 30-minute sit-com, especially when you've got mommybrain and don't want to think too hard!

    Thanks for joining us ... hope to see you back next week :)

  3. That baby hopefully got lots of doses of The OFFICE IN UTERO! If not during her first 4 hours of life!!

    Thank you so much for playing along.
    I too want to check out glee club...

    I think i'd actually like to BE in glee club.

  4. oooo, I love the office too and just saw the Community, it is so funny!!! can't wait to see more of that one:) I didn't realize it was on right after the Office though, so now I know when to watch it! thanks! :)

  5. Oh yeah, forgot about cougar town!

  6. me too, note to self: check out cougar town and quit pretending I'm not really a cougar now and start really rocking that cougar groove...


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