Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The downside of naptime

Just a few weeks ago the munchkin finally established something of a naptime routine. I know all the purists will insist that I should have been establishing this routing for her long before, but … well, I didn’t. She just didn’t like to sleep much during the day. And, as she was sleeping reasonably well at night, I didn’t want to push my luck. She’d sometimes fall asleep during the day if I were holding her, but the second I’d try to put her down, she’d be done and that would be it. But then two or three weeks ago, she slept in her crib for an hour and half one afternoon. She did the same thing for the next several days! I dared to hope for a routine – and shockingly, one seems to have formed. I think I mentioned when this first happened, I was pretty excited. I joked that I felt like I got a whole extra day in my week and really it’s true! I could clean (or pack, as of recently!) or organize or make a phone call / surf the net / read a book / EAT!

It was pretty exciting – and in many ways still is. But I’ve now learned the downside of this regular naptime. The thing is – not only do I know about this time and look forward to it, so does she. She feels like it’s part of her routine – and she’d like it to be “routine.” She’d like to be in her crib in a nice reasonably dark room and lay undisturbed for that time. She may accept a nap in the car seat – as long as we’re driving somewhere and, most importantly!, do NOT stop the car. What she is not cool with is this idea that her crazy mommy sometimes has that given warm arms to hold her and/or a comfy stroller, she should be able to fall asleep regardless of location and be cool with that. No, no, her thought process goes, I can’t just doze off in a restaurant at lunch! How rude! Would I lay there snoring in front of all those people? I think not! Instead I’d prefer for you to hold me while I grab at your food and any sharp utensils nearby while pulling my hair and explaining to you in no uncertain (but definitely fussy and whiny) tones why it is YOUR fault that I am tired now. She then continues to “explain” to me the rest of the afternoon that she is still tired because she missed her nap, but no, she can’t go to sleep now. The window is passed.

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  1. Perfectly and wonderfully true. My dear one has had a good nap routine for a little while now (she's 8 months old), and I still get excited when I realize that I have that little gift of time in the middle of my day.

    Visiting from SITS, and I'll be back! Have a wonderful day!


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