Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids these days!

Lest we have a moment to breathe, before the home inspection (now plumber visit) on Thursday, we’ll be showing our condo to half a dozen people to try to find some renters forthwith – my husband is telling people we can start the lease next weekend! After the day with the plumber, we’re driving to NJ for a wedding all weekend. My cousin’s son is getting married! Cousin’s SON – so that’s the next generation! That’s my daughter’s generation!!! If pressed, I would SWEAR to you that this kid wasn’t more than 12 years old. But apparently, he’s actually well into his 20’s and done with college (actually done with a doctorate) and “old enough” to get married. OK, so I know he’s actually not that much younger than me in theory! But I can’t believe it.

We expect sort of a whirlwind weekend. We’ll drive up on Friday and get settled with my Mom. Then drop the baby to some friends of her to baby-sit while we’re at the wedding all day Saturday and then drive back on Sunday. Luckily, my Mom has convinced my brother to stay at the reception site (there are actually some complimentary rooms there). He’d wanted to do this anyway so that he wouldn’t have to drive home after, but my Mom is saying that it’s too hard with 5 adults (and a baby) in her 3 bedroom house with one (semi!) working shower.

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