Monday, November 9, 2009

All about MEme: Shopping Spree

So today's question is what 5 items would I buy on a shopping spree if someone else was paying. Good timing as my birthday is coming up and Christmas is just around the corner and I've been trying to answer the "what do you want" question for weeks now. The problem I'm finding is that there are so many things we seem to "need" (big quotes) for the house (we move in a two weeks - yeah!) and the munchkin that I haven't gotten to "want" yet. Of course generally what we "need" is too expensive for anyone to get me anyway! So let's knock of those "needs" (maybe I should call them high priorities wants) and see what's left. On the first list - the things I have to spend my money on before I can spend on me...

1. Movers! Oh dear lord! Good, bonded, responsible, reasonably priced movers who give you a quote and stick to it and don't add on 7 things after and claim that's in the contract you agreed to, though you didn't sign it yet. Movers who don't involve a trip to small claims court!

2. Someone to refinish the floors. The house has these awesome civil war era wood floors (the house is not civil war era. It's 20 years old. The floors were repurposed here.) and then some nice rugs to cover and protect them.

3. Painters and new carpets! My husband will be doing a lot of DIY repairs as we move in, but carpets just may not hit our initial budget - and there's no way painters will, though he hates painting. It would be nice to just take that off the list...

4. A healthy injection to the munchkin's 529. I feel like we've been saving on the house and trying to get our finances in order forever for it that I've held off putting money anywhere else that we can't immediately get it - just in case. I know we need to do this - and do it regularly. But being a grown up stinks.

So if I took care of all that, I'd only have one left for me? Sort of defeats the purpose and the fun of the game! I'm going to add a few personal wishes!

1. OK, since someone else is paying and I get to go nuts, I'm going with diamond earrings. What? Was I starting to sound selfless up top? No way! Just guilt ridden... ;)

2. A really well tailored outfit for hanging out - casual, but almost doesn't look it because it looks so good on. We're talking expensive, designer jeans (I have never actually bought these for myself - was too excited to find the Old Navy ones for $28 a couple of years ago), cool shoes (but I've turned into an old lady and they have to be comfortable too!), a well cut jacket - things that hide the post pregnancy body I can't quite get back to where it should be. Hmm, and on that note...

3. A personal trainer! I've basically lost the pregnancy weight, but I still can't seem to find my pre-pregnancy body. If you see it anywhere, let me know...

4. A vacation! Wanderlust is hitting again - and at the worst possible time for my finances. I want to travel the world! But still get to bed at a reasonable hour...

5. OK, Ok, I'll put down the flat screen TV for my husband. Then we could move that monstrostity of an anchor holding down our house to the basement (you know, with those movers I mentioned above...) and we could be done with it.

Guess I'm off to buy a lottery ticket...


  1. awww nice! i'm comin on that vacation..

    it's in my fine print... like the movers .. ahem.


  2. Wow - much nicer than my list! I was uber-selfish!

  3. That's funny.. if I had 5 wishes, I'd get 5 things for this little babe that is coming out SOON!

  4. I'm with you on needing to think more about my munchkin's 529 (love finding someone else who refers to her little one that way!) and the personal trainer. Good luck on the move!

  5. I would love to get hubby a flat screen!


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