Monday, November 30, 2009

All About Meme: Excuses

So this week's challenge - excuses! A note excusing myself from participation. Here goes:

Please excuse My Baby Sweetness from participation this week as she is working on that cold fusion thing (oh no, that's next week...)

As she is cultivating her creative genius (only true if that comes from chocolate - and even then, it's what I WANT to be true for my morning).

She's recovering from a near death experience. (hmm, not totally true, but truer than I'd like it to be this morning as I stepped on the wet floor in my office kitchen this morning and went FLYING. Only gymnasts should start their Monday morning doing the splits.)

She is sleep deprived. (Sadly way truer than I want it to be. Decided to try some tough love with some crying it out last night and so we were all up from 2 to 3.)

Because it's MONDAY and no one should have to think on Monday!!! Yup, that one

Lots of bloggy love!


  1. Sleep deprivation, I can totally relate to. Can that be my excuse to be lazy every day? YAWN.

  2. Ah yes, sleep deprivation. I finally got over that by cutting out caffiene - at least WAY back. I totally went cold turkey for a few months and now have, MAYBE, three latte's a week. NO soda at ALL>

  3. We are having troubles sleeping in our house too. Currently I'm chalking it up to over-stimulation. Yep, that's today's excuse.

  4. Sleep deprivation, clumsiness and cold fusion...its like you're in my brain!!!

    Happy Monday!

    ~Working Mommy
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  5. The splits while sleep deprived?! Yikes!

    Great note ... with lots of good excuses :)

  6. Wow! SPlits. I would need an ER. You're excuses are grand my dear


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