Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daytime outings

I mentioned the change in our evening plans, but it reminded me of the recent changes in our daytime plans as well. A few weeks ago I decided to meet a friend for lunch in Georgetown. It was a beautiful day (and it was getting to the point in the season where we were starting to run short on beautiful days), so we thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy it. I fought traffic and somehow managed to get rock star parking (not sure how that happened). But then I started fighting the crowds on the streets to meet my friend with the stroller in tow.

As it was one of the last nice days, it seemed that EVERYONE had decided to take advantage of it. The streets were packed. It would have been painful to try to get around in that many people without the stroller – with it, I was feeling homicidal. I decided to “pull over” into Barnes and Nobles to wait for my friend there – only to discover there are 2 steps up to get anywhere besides the magazines – the racks for which are very close together and not stroller friendly. I was starting to feel downright whiney when I noticed a woman passing with a double stroller for her twins – who did not look at all whiney. In fact, it looked like this walk was purely for exercise! That one shut me up (and made me wonder if I could get whatever meds she was getting…). Well, it shut me up for a little while.

I finally met my friend and we found a spot with an inside patio for lunch where we could relax. But somewhere in there I started to wonder – when did I get this old and boring? Shouldn’t I want a good outside patio spot near the street to not only enjoy the weather but get to people watch!? Shouldn’t I want to sidewalk shop after lunch – rather than only wanting to rush back to my car to get the heck out of Dodge! Sure, I have no money, so that does reduce my shopping instinct (well, sort of…). Oh man – I’ve gotten old!


  1. This post and the one before it about Saturday Nights is SO true of me as well. We used to be so busy on weekends that we'd both look at each other exhausted on Sunday night and vow to make fewer plans the next time. Now that we have a munchkin, it's a miracle if we do anything besides an outing with him - usually to the library or somewhere else that I can't quite bring myself to classify as cool. :-) I figure we'll get our mojo back when he (and any subsequent kids) are a bit older. In the meantime, I'm with ya - sometimes I, too, look around and wonder what happened here!

  2. Hi from SITS! I saw your comment about stopping I did!! :)


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