Monday, November 9, 2009

Top 40 under 40

So the other day I noticed an article online of the Top 40 people under 40 – which listed the most successful “young” people. And as I was reading – I felt like such a loser! Seriously – OK, a lot of people on the list are 38 or 39 (just making the cut off), so they are technically still a bit older than me. But there are also people in their 20s. And anyway, I’m not about to make the list in the next 5 years. I told me husband this and he told me that I was being silly. He reminded me that we’re actually probably ahead of the curve – buying a house and a car this year despite the economic downturn. We decided that we need to have a “bottom 40 under 40” list – that way I could feel better. He joked that it might go something like – this is Marvin. He lives with his parents and… oh damn…

Note – if you haven’t read my prior posts, we are currently living with my husband’s parents due to issues with buying our house. We were supposed to stay with them for a week or two because we were renting our condo out and wanted the lease to start in September. A week or two has turned into 3 months (by the time we finally move) – which is more than just a stopover we don’t even have to mention, but an actual large chunk of time.

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