Monday, November 30, 2009

Making friends

We went over to visit some friends of ours this weekend who have a 2 year old daughter. Their daughter has just gotten over her biting phase, so on every previous visit she has been pretty well sequestered from our munchkin. The second she would come within 3 feet of her, her Mom would fly over to jump in between them or grab her daughter. The little girl still isn’t exactly ‘gentle’ (I mean, she’s 2!), but she tries to be gentle. And she’s enthralled with this little person who’s come to her house. She’s even reasonably good about sharing her toys and puts up with some flailing baby arms and grabbing – I’m amazed.

Well, with the munchkin’s new found “kissing” ability (big open mouthed drool on you) and the little girl’s new found gentle love of the baby – we got some cute pics of them making friends – or the munchkin trying to eat her face while she leaned in to kiss her (po-tay-to, po-tah-to).

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  1. How cute!!! Our daughter is just entering her imgoingtoputeverythinginmymouthwhetheryoulikeitornot phase...and let me tell you, it is FUN!! Glad the two finally made friends!!

    ~Working Mommy
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