Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Butterfly kisses are a bit droolier than I thought…

The munchkin has learned to kiss! Hmm – OK, that is actually a total overstatement. It suggests that we say kiss and she puckers and daintily puts her lips to our cheeks. This is not at all the case. More accurately I should say, she has learned the concept of showing affection by pressing her mouth to you, but has made it her own. What she actually does when you ask for a kiss (and other times when she goes for spontaneous affection – something we love as this kid is NOT a cuddler!) is she opens her mouth wide and puts it against your face, slobbering drool all over you. We think it’s very cute (even when it seems to involve some licking) – but I’m pretty sure that most of my friends (particularly those without kids) think it’s very disgusting. I can’t say I exactly blame them (but how can they not see the cuteness!?). Hmm, so maybe I should say that she learned to french kiss… Or learned to kiss from the dog?


  1. Ha, well if she's french kissing already, then she's a very precocious little girl!

  2. Cute-- love baby kisses! Here from SITS-- Happy Thanksgiving! Come by my blog anytime for some great giveaways--


  3. Baby kisses are the best, even if they are slobber filled!

    Stopping in from SITS!

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