Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What if it’s not a girl: Pregnancy – 36 weeks

We’re hitting the final countdown. I mean – we’re not READY. My incomplete kitchen assures me of this. But we’re getting close. The doctor actually sort of laughed at me the other day when she asked if we were ready and I was somewhat non-committal. She said – most people at this point are like – get this baby out of me! I was thinking – but where would I bring her when she comes out? Our home is unfit for adult habitation, let alone baby girl.

Yes, baby girl. I’ve started to get very worried about this. I mean, those things are sometimes wrong. Our tech was pretty darn sure – but said we can’t take it back if she’s wrong. Don’t get me wrong – I’d be happy with either. But… well, we sort of have a lot of pink stuff… I mean, a lot. There are the hand me downs – ok, those aren’t such a big deal (we can just hand them along to the next person!) – of which there are a lot. But there’s also all the generous gifts from our family – of which I think there are even more! What if there was a mistake? I feel like I should run out and buy some yellow – just in case! I’m starting to ready her room and have washed all the yellow and neutral stuff (and the hand me downs), but then have left a big pile of pink stuff to be washed as soon as she arrives (in our spare time…) with the exception of the coming home outfits.

I’ve become completely paranoid about this. My husband says it’s nuts – of course she’s a girl. But what if…?

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