Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The kitchen renovations (Pregnancy – 33 – 38 weeks)

So you’ve probably noticed I haven’t mentioned the kitchen renovations (much) since the first blog on them. I don’t think I even told you that I went to the baby classes with paint in my hair (well, you know, I had to stop coloring due to the pregnancy…). I should probably do some updates – though God knows where to begin…

Things have gotten a bit crazy. It’s almost impossible to walk through the condo given the “stuff” everywhere! I think we’re going to have to consider prozac for the dog (who hates change and tends to get sick whenever there is packing or moving involved – I can understand). The wall is finally down in the kitchen – a mostly… well somewhat finished. My father in law has rewired so now it’s a matter of sealing off the ceiling and side wall where the separating wall previously was. The fridge is finally moved to the other wall and replumbed – the leaking has even stopped. I think the highlight came when My husband turned the water on and got shot with it in the back of the head from one of the “unaccounted for” pipes. Actually getting the leaking to stop took forever. He kept testing it out as I held it over a bucket and freezing water gushed out on me (again, waiting for the part of pregnancy where I’m too hot…).

The painting went a bit faster and it gave me this false sense of security that other things would move with such alacrity. I was wrong. There are three countertops to install and the first took a full day – and I’m now more than 35 weeks pregnant… I’ve revised my estimate and told My husband now his absolute drop dead / must finish (I don’t care if we have to forgo sleep or forgo eating to pay a contractor to finish it) is the 37 week / full term mark. At some point I need time to start crazy nesting and cleaning everything! At some point AFTER there’s no longer drywall dust (and probably asbestos…) flying around!

High points – beyond the plumbing disaster have also including the washer / dryer sitting in the middle of the hallway to the bedroom. Thank God our condo is a circular design or I’d be sleeping on the couch, wearing the same clothes till it was done and forgoing brushing my teeth (as that’s in the master bathroom). I accept that I will soon be doing that, but I really want to wait till the baby comes! As it is, it’s just a walk the long way around – sure I can certainly use the exercise, but is he not aware that extra exercise can induce early labor?! And then what? Anyway, I think this scenario was far more frustrating for the dog. He can’t fit by the appliances (and if he can’t do it at 50 lbs, try to picture me – at a weight I don’t want to talk about…) so when he wants to go into the bedroom, he stands forlornly on the far side – trying unsuccessfully to squeeze himself into the space between them and the wall. It doesn’t work. And it seems so pathetic. I eventually get up and walk around the apartment to lead him back around as I can’t stand to watch. My husband takes another approach. He throws the dog treat from the kitchen into the bedroom as he always does at night and then Shiloh stands on the far side pathetically trying to figure out how to get to it. I’ve told him that he’s going to hell for this. To be fair, he only did that once. Not sure if it’s because he felt bad or because he then had to carry 50 lbs of mutt around the condo to the bedroom because he wouldn’t be distracted from trying his normal route to the bedroom (and the treat!).

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