Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The first doctor’s visits: Pregnancy Week 4 and week 5

Happily I managed to get into my doctor for my first blood test the day I’d gotten the positive home test. By now, I’d gone through a couple of doctors in my attempts to get pregnant and discovered the one I thought was most responsive. She wasn’t at the hospital I wanted to deliver at, but I figured we could deal with that issue later. Actually, more to the point, I told my husband that as the hospital was his issue (he’s a FF/paramedic and wanted a hospital with a NICU and a surgeon on staff, not on call), it was up to him to find a good doctor with privileges at that hospital. As for me – well, I’d just be busy growing a person over here. Anyway, the other doctor’s I’d tried had put me off any initial appointment till 12 weeks despite my history of miscarriage, so this was the one to start with. I couldn’t wait that long for confirmation.

I got the second blood test to confirm my hcg levels on Monday and knew that things were looking positive by Tuesday. We still had to wait for the 6 week appointment to see the heartbeat. I told myself that then I’d relax (little did I know I was unlikely to relax ever again! As a friend of mine told me – once you’re a Mom, some part of you will be worrying about your child every day for the rest of your life. I’d complain at how lacking in comfort that is except – well, I know she’s right).

So life went on for a little bit in its normal way. Sadly normal can be anything but… We went to a party on Friday night and ran into one of my old coworkers. Matt is the favorite of anyone married and of child bearing age – let alone facing fertility issues. He can’t see me without checking to see if I’m drinking and/or asking if I’m ‘knocked up’ yet. To be fair, he doesn’t know we’re trying. He’s just naturally obnoxious. The second he saw that I was drinking water, his radar was up. Never mind that it’s summer and hot out and I’m driving and might want to pace myself. I spent the rest of the party getting beers for my husband or holding his beer to look more like I was drinking. Poor man – I even backwashed on him a couple of times! Ha – I definitely should have done that with Matt’s beer instead!

The worst part is I have this sinking suspicion that when we do announce we’re expecting, he’ll say ‘I knew it’ because he asked me at this party – even though he asks me EVERY TIME HE SEES ME! This is usually followed by my husband suggesting that such comments will have him drinking his beer – and everything else – through a straw soon, but this has little impact. Ah well.

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