Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby classes: Third trimester

Being first time parents, we did what so many before us have done and decided it was necessary to take classes – child care classes, Lamaze classes (though I fully intended to avoid anything natural about the process), breastfeeding classes – the works.

We started with childcare – and approached it like we’d never SEEN a baby before. I’d brought a pad to take notes (baby will need to be bathed every day. Undress baby first. Then wrap in something warm rather than just leaving her freezing. Use warm water – not cold to cause chill, not too hot to cause burns. Oh man – thank GOD I’m writing this down!). They went over swaddling, bathing, feeding, doctor’s visits, administering medicines. We asked lots of questions (very few others did). Then we walked out and realized – huh, so we probably mostly knew not to leave the baby near an open flame… well, I think so anyway.

OK, I oversimplify. To be honest, while we may not have learned a lot new in the class, it did totally help with my sense of confidence – as I’m going to be totally responsible for this little person very soon – and that terrifies me!

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