Monday, July 27, 2009

The Babymoon: Pregnancy week 14 &15

We decided to take a trip at about week 14 of my pregnancy as it’d be our last chance. My husband was starting two classes at the end of the summer – one of which would last past my pregnancy – so it was “now or never.” So it was a little early for the “typical” babymoon (I wasn’t showing yet and we were taking our chances on morning sickness – a battle I lost, for the record!) We were feeling a little bit tight on cash and I wasn’t sure how much stamina I’d have for too great a trip anyway, so we decided to head down to my Mom’s condo on the beach in FL (while she was snow birding in NJ). We booked flights on Spirit Air, as it was the least expensive and flew at the times we wanted. And we got what we paid for…

We left on an early morning flight on Monday. I was feeling a little queasy from the get go, but the early morning hour and pregnancy will do that to you, so I figured it would pass. I just opened a window and breathed deeply through our cab ride to the airport while trying to surreptitiously pull out the plastic barf bag without the driver noticing. Somehow I made it there the contents of my stomach intact and we muddled through the check in progress.

By the time, we got on the flight, I was pretty certain I wouldn’t make it the whole way, so I asked the first flight attendant I saw for some ginger ale. She was really kind and got me some that she even stirred to flatten for me. Her kindness indicates that she probably was a new transfer to Spirit and hadn’t gotten their training. To avoid telling you ongoing puking stories about both trips, I’ll combine details of each (the return flight is more vivid anyway).

As it’s the 21st century – nothing is free on these flights. Not even the water needed post air sickness (ok, well morning sickness – but morning sickness on a plane!) for which they have no ice. I managed to make it to the bathroom to get sick once, but mostly I was glad I’d packed those plastic bags. Why? You might ask – when the plane has air sickness bags? Well, because we were flying the Greyhound of the skies and my seat had no air sickness bag and the bag at my husband’s seat when he reached in to open it … was used! Ugh! Enough to make you lose it if you weren’t already sick! He went to go get another one (and, you know, wash his hand!) – and it turned out that one was used as well! I was in the bathroom while he was picking that up and he decided to wait for me at the back of the plane, as I was a bit shaky. The flight attendants – each of whom was seated on the aisle seat of either side of the empty back row – told him he couldn’t stand back there. As he was worried about me, he asked if he could wait seated in one of the empty back row seats. They said no! Always diminutive, he told them that customer service was dead and they sucked before returning to his seat. When I came out of the bathroom, they asked if I’d gotten sick in there (honestly, it was almost accusatory – like, am I going to have to clean that crap up?!). I said yes. They didn’t offer me water or any sort of drink, but told me I could take a larger garbage bag, as it would work better. Then they told me that that tried to give my husband the bag, but he wouldn’t take it for me. As if the whole conversation hadn’t taken place within 5 feet of the bathroom where I stood and I hadn’t heard them! Now they were making up a story to get him in trouble because he yelled at them! I think I was just sick because the baby was revolting against this airline – “um, excuse me, I believe there’s been a mistake… I was meant to be born to a financially solvent family…”

All that said in terms of travel, the vacation itself was wonderful. It did take me the first day to recover from traveling, but by the next we were able to just enjoy. We went down to the pool and just floated on the foam noodles for hours and went into the ocean (which was very warm!) and floated there for awhile too. Unfortunately My husband got rather burnt in that endeavor! So the next day, he didn’t want to get too much sun – so he willingly agreed to go shopping with me! I bought my first maternity clothes (which were becoming quite necessary!) – which was much less stressful with a companion to help! Generally the return policies (or lack thereof!) at those stores makes it too hard for me to shop there. I don’t know what size I’ll be when I’m REALLY pregnant, but my clothes don’t quite fit now so I need to start purchasing things for the day I can’t button my khakis (yes, my fat pants). I need to have at least one option in my closet besides sweats! Even if it is casual Friday at my office, sweats don’t really fly… But My husband is an excellent shopper! He helped me find some work pants and several nice shirts.

By the next day, he was back to pool shape – with SPF 800 and a t-shirt on to protect his skin. Ah yes, good to take time to work on the farmer / redneck tan! By the end of the vacation he told me that I’d even begun to convince him of the merits of a do nothing vacation! Now THERE is some good news!

We got to see some family that lives in the area as well, which was really nice! And we had a few nice dinners out. All in all, it was very relaxing – just what the doctor ordered before the mayhem of life – his classes, work, pregnancy, baby prep – ensues!

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