Monday, July 27, 2009

18 Week Sonogram - It's a ...! : Pregnancy 18 weeks

We finally got to the 18 week sonogram. I can’t believe it. It feels like it’s been a long time in a lot of ways – as we’ve waited and guessed and wondered. But maybe not so long since we just told our parents a couple of months ago. So many people have asked me if I “know.” You know – women’s intuition, a mother knows, those feelings you get… And honing in on my 6th sense I have to say – nope. Nada. Not a clue. Some earth mother type I make!

I guess if pushed I think it MIGHT be a girl, but my first point of logic on this is flawed – it’s because I think I might a little bit want it to be a girl. Really, it’s a first baby and I’m just happy to be pregnant! And one day down the road I think I might like one of each. But if I’m not going to get variety in my children, I know that I don’t want two boys! So I think I sort of want this to be a girl… My second point of logic on why I think it might be a girl is much more “spot on.” We have a boy’s name, but don’t have anything for a girl. Logic therefore dictates a girl.

What’s funny is how many other people have told me what they definitely think it is. The woman at my salon thinks a boy – her logic: my face hasn’t changed enough for a girl (the “a girl steals your beauty” theory). Another friend has said absolutely a boy and she’s always been right with her guesses for friends and family. My husband’s friends all seem to be saying a boy (one will point to my bump and refer to the baby as his nephew), but I think this is just their wishful thinking.

So how did the sono go?

We got there in the morning and waited our turn. The tech told me she would do the tests she needed and then turn the screen and show me everything. I agreed – big mistake. She never really turned the screen all the way! She was busy looking for parts (DOING HER JOB) and I mostly sat with my head a weird angle trying to catch a glimpse of… my daughter! Yes, it’s a girl! I nearly cried when they told me – though I think I would have reacted exactly the same way for a boy. It was just so exciting – so much more this real person living inside me. I’m not showing a ton yet (a little now – but I’m at a point where most God fearing people would be scared to ask if I was expecting for fear that I’ve just gained weight). I’ve started to feel HER moving around a little bit on occasion, but it’s all so surreal still. I’m never exactly sure about the feeling. I know the books describe the early feeling as like popcorn popping. That was so nondescript to me! What does that mean? Then one day I noticed a little feeling in my belly. I started to think – huh, yeah, OK, I might actually describe that as feeling like popcorn popping now that you mention it… I also noticed the butterflies feeling – but again was surprised. I thought it meant it would feel like butterflies wings or something – instead it feels like that nausea in the pit of your stomach when you’re nervous. Great! Sadly I can’t get more descriptive. I think it feels like someone gently tapping on my abdominal muscle – but from the inside. Hmm – aren’t I helpful?

Anyway, all these pictures – that mostly “DAD” got to see rather than me! He loved seeing her jump around (I was jealous). At one point she was kicking away and My husband looked at me and said – how can you not feel that? Ha – I guess it looks bigger on screen! And now we know she’s a her!

And the reactions – our families were excited. Our friends with daughters were clearly ready to welcome us into the club (esp. the dads to My husband). But a few of his friends replied – are they really sure? Can they check again? Boys! I do have one colleague who adamantly does NOT want to know the gender. I think this is so funny, as we’re not particularly close. I mean, it’s not his kid or his family member or even a close friend – why care? I wasn’t surprised that he had a definite opinion about me finding out the gender (doesn’t everyone?), but why did he care if he found out when I knew? Very odd…

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